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Top 10 Anime Characters with Eye Patch (Male & Female)

Male anime characters with eye patches

1. Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)

Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)

Earl Ciel Phantomhive plays the main role in the series Kuroshitsuji. He is Vincent Phantomhive’s and Rachel Dalles’s son, who owns the company Funtom. He is also leading the Phantomhive noble family and people know about him as the Queen’s Watchdog.

He has blue eyes and his hair is dark navy blue. Because he is the head of the family, he usually wears elegant and delicate clothing.

Ciel almost always has a black eye patch on his right eye, not because something is wrong with his eye, but because he needs to hide the sign of the Faustian contract he has with Sebastian Michaelis.

2. Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

Kenpachi Zaraki or Kenny is a sub-character from the famous anime series Bleach. Currently, he is the person that leads the 11th Division.

His duty is to get rid of the demonic hollows and protect the Soul Society. But he doesn’t think of it as a responsibility but a chance to find worthy enemies to kill.

He doesn’t like to do the same thing day by day. He wants to fight with new opponents so that he will have the opportunity to take advantage of all skills he has.

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3. Lavi (D Gray Man)

Lavi (D Gray Man)

Lavi, who is an Exorcist, is the main character from the D.Gray-Man series. Currently, he is chosen to be the successor of the Bookman Clan (or Bookman Junior for short).

Lavi is not his first alias but the 49th. You may know him through his previous alias – Deak. He is a member of the Marian Unit.

He is described as a good-looking, tall man with fair skin. His hair is long, ginger, which he usually hides under a bandanna. He has a green eye covered with a patch, and he has claimed that he doesn’t have any injury there.

4. Hajime Nagumo (From Commonplace to World’s Strongest)

Hajime Nagumo (From Commonplace to World's Strongest)

Hajime Nagumo, usually called the “God Slaying Demon King” by classmates, is one of the most loved anime characters with eye patch from the manga “From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”.

He used to be one of the fake heroes, under Ehit. After he was discovered to be an impostor, he became the false god’s enemy and killer.

At first, he was a normal guy with black hair, brown eyes, and a thin body. But then an accident happened, he had to drink the ambrosia to prevent the influence of the monster meat. He started to heal and become stronger but he turned into a white-haired anime boy due to the Marie Antoinette syndrome.

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5. Toga Yagari (Vampire Knight)

Toga Yagari (Vampire Knight)

Toga Yagari is the strongest eye-patched anime character in the series Vampire Knight and is also a qualified teacher.

He used to train Zero Kiryu and Ichiru Kiryu (though not as much) so that they can become vampire hunters. After a short period of time, he was chosen to be the co-president at the Vampire Hunter Group, along with Kaien Cross.

He has to wear an eye patch on his right eye because he lost it when trying to save Ichiru and Zero from his fiancee as she became a vampire of Level E. His hair is wavy and long, he usually covers it with a hat in cowboy style.

Female anime characters with eye patches

1. Rikka Takanashi (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!)

Rikka Takanashi (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!)

Rikka Takanashi is the main female character in the anime series called “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!”. She joins the high school with Yuuta Togashi – the guy she has a crush on.

She is portrayed as an adorable girl with cyan eyes and a white eye patch on her right eye. Her hair is dark blue and she usually ties it with a yellow ribbon. She doesn’t wear normal shoes like others but a pair of roller shoes instead.

She is still dealing with the eighth-grader syndrome, which makes her think that she is a witch that has wicked eyes revealing destinies. That’s the reason why she has to stick with the eye patch.

2. Gisen Yagyu (Hyakka Ryōran: Samurai Girls)

Gisen Yagyu (Hyakka Ryoran - Samurai Girls)

Gisen Yagyu is a girl falling from the sky and Muneakira Yahyu caught her. She wears a red eye patch and called Muneakira her master. She reveals who she really is in episode 9 as she claims that Amakusa Shiro is the most powerful man in Japan.

Her intention in the first place is to revive him and then they can destroy Japan together. She can even use her right eye to control Muneakira and force him to hurt his teammates.

Her special ability is hidden inside her evil eye, which she can use to control anyone she wants. This eye has a lot of power and no one can break it.

3. Minene Uryuu (Future Diary)

Minene Uryuu (Future Diary)

Minene Uryuu is the girl who keeps the Ninth Diary and owns the “Escape Diary”. She also plays the protagonist role of the spin-off.

She is still a girl in her twenties, whose hair is long and purple. She has purple eyes covered with a patch because she lost it when she was taking part in the Survival Game. It’s now replaced with a glass eye instead.

She usually dresses in basic clothing, such as black, sleeveless jacket, jeans, or military trousers, and a tank top underneath.

4. Najenda (Akame Ga Kill!)

Najenda (Akame Ga Kill!)

Najenda is the leader of a group of assassins from Night Raid. She used to be an Empire General but then she defected bringing Lubbock with her and joined the Revolutionary Army. Her purpose is to get rid of the resistance from the Ban Tribe.

She is known as a short, silver hair woman with an eye patch because she lost her right eye. You can see her sexy cleavage when she wears her black suit. Her right arm is mechanical.

Najenda is intelligent, sharp-minded, and cold. She is gentle yet still firm when she is leading the group. She has a lot of experience thanks to the time she served in the Empire. That’s what makes her a qualified leader.

5. Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos)

Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos)

Laura Bodewig is the main girl character in the series Infinite Stratos who turned bad. She is a super-soldier due to her transformation in genetics. She is chosen to be a member of the military of Germany and gets the rank of second lieutenant.

Laura has long silver hair, one red eye, and one yellow eye but she covers it with a black eye patch. She became like that because they failed in making the nanomachine experiment on her.

She usually wears her uniform from IS Academy, which includes high boots, and baggy pants. When she is in practice or battles, she puts on her in-gray training uniform.


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